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We offer a wide range of training courses online, which you can do at home or work in your spare time.  These courses can be accessed anywhere there is an internet connection to suit your schedule or lifestyle. This increases flexibility and adapts to the pressures of everyday life.

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Why Should I Choose e-Learning?

A warm welcome to McGinty Demack Limited Online Training Services. As professional accountants in practice we have continued to look at ways in which we can help and support businesses. We have provided training to clients for a number of years in financial and accounting activities.

Whether it is bookkeeping for new businesses or Sage training for businesses developing their Accounting practices. As a trainer of our own employees we have recognised the value of training as a tool for developing its employees especially those who are embarking on apprenticeship schemes.

This challenge has helped us to offer training to business as service.

e-Learning is a well-established method of delivering training to your business in a very efficient and effective manner. Used by colleges and professional organisations. McGinty Demack offers flexibility to be able to learn at your own pace and at a time which suits you.

Whether you need to maintain Continuous Professional Development CPD or to meet employers’ obligation for health & safety and or company legal requirements. Online training with McGinty Demack can offer your training solution. There is something here to suit your training needs.

But more importantly, at McGinty Demack we believe that providing training as part of a modular development programme will get employees smarter in such areas as customer service. Which all businesses can benefit from, making your team world class. What is more you can budget what you do and when because there are no fixed course dates.

Come and train with us.